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Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK)

Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK) aim is to connect to scientific research and development with the business sector, focusing on creating new job opportunities oriented towards the future, based on knowledge and new technology. It was founded to support entrepreneurship, innovation and commercially based business development, with a focus on information and communication technology. The Centre supports both start-ups and existing companies with the potential for growth.

ICK will both create new jobs through the businesses that supports and train young people for job opportunities in the labor market. ICK is a hub for connecting new ideas and technology with human and financial resources to create or expand commercially viable companies that can successfully capitalize on market opportunities, generating sales, trade, local productive capacity and skilled employment. Innovation Centre Kosovo offers incubator services, mentoring, consulting and training to entrepreneurs, freelancers, students, public servants, managers and civil society in business planning, accounting, finance, product/service development, marketing/ sales, human resources, technology development, programming, graphics design, animation, multimedia, cyber security, as well as transfer and matchmaking with local, regional and international businesses. ICK undertakes innovative activities and events and is a launch pad for geeks, techies, scientists, coders, students, entrepreneurs and innovators who are either innovative by nature of their products/services or can demonstrate innovative working practices.

The establishment of ICK was financially supported by The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. ICK was initiated in June 2012 as a project of Athene Prosjektledelse, Norway and the Kosovo Association of Information and Communication Technology (STIKK) with Crimson Capital LLC, Kosovo being the main cooperating partner on this initiative. 


ICK is funded by Embassy of Sweden in Prishtina and Royal Norwegian Embassy in Prishtina.

1.1.1. Incubator department

Incubator department is one of the main pillars of ICK, through which ICK helps business entrepreneurs creating and developing successful companies. Services offered are done through incubation, consulting, training, networking and international match-making.

1.1.2. Training and Events Department

Training and Events Department is the second pillar of ICK, through which ICK provides special training services for tenants in the incubator and deliver market-oriented, high quality courses improving the skills of the general workforce, public administration and civil society. The event unit contributes to ICK becoming a visible and recognized center for ICT, innovation and business activity and networking, hence, serving as a venue for national and international events.

1.1.3. Events

ICK has become a hub for entrepreneurial and ICT events in Kosovo, and actively partners with different organizations in support of its mission. In total, ICK has organized and co-organized: 

  • Events – 213, with 15,000 attendees

Local and international events include:

  • Global Entrepreneurship Week (ICK is a National Host for Kosovo)
  • NASA Space Apps Challenge Prishtina (winner of NASA’s People’s Choice Award 2015)
  • Digital Festival
  • Crypton Planet – Cyber Security & Cyber Attacks Competition
  • Pitching Events for Startups
  • Numerous Launches of Companies, Products and Programs
  • Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding Meetups
  • Beer & Code Series in cooperation with Prishtina Hackerspace
  • Startup Grind Series, partnered by Google for Entrepreneurs
  • For Digital Prishtina, partnered with UNDP, Municipality of Prishtina, Swiss Cooperation
  • Startup Weekend
  • Hack for Fun Workshops
  • Week of Women in cooperation with National Democratic Institute and USAID.
  • Business Tuesday (non-formal events on with invited guest and different topics- 20 editions) Youth Film Fest in cooperation with the Youth Council of the US Embassy in Prishtina.
  • Young Growing Companies in cooperation Enhance Youth Employment Project
  • Hello Tomorrow Challenge (two editions)
  • Hey App Camp (a local hackathon partnered with IPKO) FUN Nights Series Pristina (sharing failures to success stories)
  • Social Business with Yunus Albania, etc.
  • Pioneers of the Balkans
  • Raiffeisen App & Interface Weekend
  • StartupYard Fatlane
  • FuckUp Nights
  • Hour of Code
  • Lecture “How to build sustainable innovations” with prof. Stig Ottosson, on November 24 (in cooperation with Boost Global Innovations).
  • Blood Donation

1.1.4     Coworking space

Through coworking space ICK has identified and supported talents, freelancers, and teams that were engaged in projects, with potential in becoming registered companies. Currently there are 20 seats available, which until now have delivered the following results: 

Individuals have used coworking services and some of them are part of the ICK incubator. (COWORKING SERVICES, FEMALE)


Rexhep Mala strt. 28A, 
10000 Prishtina, 

Call Center:
038 77 11 80 - [email protected]

038 77 11 80 /101 - [email protected]

Training Department:
038 77 11 80 /104 - [email protected]

Events Department:
038 77 11 80 /104 - [email protected]

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Panairi Virtual i Karrierës

Për studentët dhe të diplomuarit, panairi do të jetë një mundësi e mirë që të komunikoni me pëfaqësuesit e institucioneve, kompanive dhe organizatave qe ofrojnë punë, punë praktike, kurse, trajnime, bursa, etj.

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Tel:+381 38 248 925
Email: [email protected]
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[email protected]
Website: pvk.uni-pr.edu

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